Our 'Be Kind' Policy

At the heart of our vision, there’s only one golden rule - be kind.


Being kind to everyone and all the time is harder than it sounds, but for starters, we’re focusing on the 4 P's:


We’re striving to be as sustainability oriented and environmentally conscious as we can. Our own take away packaging is recycled, recyclable & compostable. Third party products that we sell have recycled and recyclable packaging and we commit to recycling anything that’s not eligible for home recycling. We also serve vegan/vegetarian food to support the planet. As a start- up, we don’t yet have the resources to be as wholly sustainable as we'd like, but as we grow, our aim is to be waste free and do even more for the environment. If there's anything you think we can improve on when it comes to being kind to our planet, please email Cookie at cookie@dandie.co.uk.


Dandie has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. 


We’re determined to make Dandie a judgement free zone and a safe space where our staff and customers feel supported, lifted and seen as the individuals they are. We want to create a warm, genuine and caring environment. It won’t be a perfect world – we’re human, flaws and all, but we’ll right any wrongs if they happen.  Our team will grow over the next year or so and when we are in a position to hire new team members, we will be reaching out to our local homeless shelter and recruiting from there. 


We have teamed up with some incredible small businesses run by women, from Francesca who founded The Female Glaze, and Jen who created Sims Kitchen to Cleo who built Cleo's Kitchen. We want to support women, those from ethnic minorities and small start ups to the best of our ability. Dotted around our cafe, you’ll see little story boards explaining the inspiration behind our products and how the brands contribute to the planet and humanity in general.


We have a couple of policies regarding the welfare of all of the dogs on site, including our 'staff dogs'. Dogs are at the forefront of our minds at Dandie and we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate each and every dog. We know that like humans, not all dogs like each other, and each has their own quirk. We’ll do our best to keep all dogs calm - with dog barriers, quiet spaces, muzzles, toys and chews a plenty! We aim to start donating to a non-government funded charity for dogs & animals once we get on our feet. If you'd like to put a charity forward, please contact Cookie at cookie@dandie.co.uk.

Illustrations by Lucy Stapylton-Smith


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