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Vet Q&A Night!

Dates will be announced once restrictions are lifted

£20 pp


I must’ve spent not just hours of my time but weeks’ worth of salaries in the vet clinic with Buddy throughout his first year. Googling was and still often is the enemy when it comes to Buddy’s health. He was in and out of the clinic only to be told most of the time that he just needed rest and a simple diet of chicken and rice... we’ve all been there.

But we’re always going to err on the side of caution when it comes to the wellbeing of our pups. So how can we help keep our dogs healthy and save the stress of going to the vet while doing what’s best for our furry friends? How do we handle emergencies when it comes to our pups? Ever wanted a true and impartial answer from a Vet?


Enter Ciara, otherwise known as Vet in the City who will be doing a vet Q&A night at Dandie!

Teas, coffees and snacks will be available to buy but if you fancy BYOB, we won't object!

Grooming Q&A Night!

Dates will be announced once restrictions are lifted

£20 pp

Both Buddy and his brother Rumi never liked the groomers- they both couldn’t relax and now it’s quite an ordeal for them every time they visit. Buddy still won’t let me near his ears!

When I met wonderful Jenna at Pet Pavillion, she showed me how great an experience her furry customers have when they’re with her. I truly wished I had met her 2 years ago for buddy’s first appointment! Jenna said it’s so important to get it right from the beginning when they’re puppies- make it a wonderful experience for them straight away and keep on top of the maintenance. But all is not lost when they’re older and we can still make life easier for both our pups and ourselves!

Jenna has seen some dogs who have been easy to groom and have the best experiences with her... she’s also groomed terribly matted dogs whose owners either didn’t know how to stop the matts or just couldn’t because their dog wouldn’t let them brush them! So she offered to host a q&a night in between the million and one appointments she has- all our questions answered when it comes to keeping our pups well groomed and happy!

Book your spot on our Grooming Q&A Night to make sure you can ask and get advice on how to. keep your pup on the right tracks when it comes to grooming!



During the pandemic, unfortunately our events are subject to cancellation depending on government guidelines and restrictions. If any event is cancelled due to restrictions, we will process a refund for your booking.

The event will be socially distanced and masks must be worn when not seated at a table.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch


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